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Signal Conditioners

A loadcell signal on its own cannot give any readable data – these conditioners present the loadcell signal and presents it in a usable format to suit today's modern automation solutions. Press the button to read about Load Cells.

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  • Digital/analog weight transmitter suitable for back panel mounting on Omega/DIN rail or junction box for field mounting (on request box versions).
  • Weighing system with 8 independent reading channels with display of the total weight.
  • The TLM8 transmitter allows to have same benefits and performance of an advanced digital weighing system even using analog load cells.
  • Dimensions: 148x92x60 mm.
  • Backlit graphic LCD display, transmissive STN, white on blue, 128x64 pixel resolution, 60x32 mm visible area.
  • Five-key keypad for the system calibration.
  • TEST key for direct access to the diagnostic functions.
  • Extractable screw terminal boards.


  • Current or voltage 16 bit analog output RS485 serial port for communication via ModBus RTU protocol, ASCII Laumas bidirectional or continuous one way transmission.
  • 5 relay digital outputs controlled by the setpoint values or via protocols.
  • 3 optoisolated PNP digital inputs: status reading via serial communication protocols.
  • 8 load cell dedicated inputs.

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