Weighing Pallet Trucks

RAVAS series: ideal for weighing in any warehouse

The RAVAS series consists of a complete series of mobile weighing systems for pallet trucks that can be used in almost any warehouse

The RAVAS-1100 is a solid hand pallet truck that has all the basic functions for weighing.

The RAVAS-iPT Essential, BRAND NEW for 2024, is equipped with award winning 'Red Box' Technology and well worth investigating.

The advanced RAVAS-3200 has more extensive options in terms of data communication. A Trade Approved calibrated version is also available. This guarantees OIML validation and allows you to charge your customers based on weight.

Then there is also the high-tech RAVAS-5200, an innovative weighing hand pallet truck with extensive weighing functionalities and connectivity.



Pro-Line series for high-precision weighing

The greatest accuracy is required in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. RAVAS developed the ProLine series especially for this.

These weighing hand pallet trucks are perfect for your finest mixing, dosing and batching applications.

The ProLine-5200 Li is extremely accurate and is powered by a durable and rechargeable battery pack.

The ProLine-6200 is so versatile that the weighing system can print receipts on the customer's layout.

The ProLine Touch is the first pallet truck with a touchscreen and weighs to within 100 grams.

Naturally, all our weighing hand pallet trucks communicate seamlessly with your logistics systems.

Electric pallet truck with integrated scale for accurate weighing.
Red RAVAS ProLine-6200 pallet truck scale with digital display.
Red RAVAS ProLine-6200 pallet truck scale with digital display.
Red scissor lift pallet truck with built-in scale

A hand pallet truck with a built-in weighing system is an investment that easily pays for itself. You can halve the efficiency in your warehouse with the greatest of ease. RAVAS offers suitable weighing pallet trucks for all sectors and applications. For example, the RAVAS series is specially designed for general production facilities and warehouses. The ProLine series is available for extra accuracy in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. And there are even more handy weighing pallet trucks with which we can professionalize your logistics processes.

Indispensable pallet trucks
Hand pallet trucks (they are also known as 'pallet trucks') are indispensable in a warehouse. They are ideal for moving pallets over short distances. Depending on your weighing needs and industry, we at RAVAS designed different series and models of weighing pallet trucks. Incidentally, we can also easily integrate the weighing systems on pallet trucks from OEMs. The advantage remains the same: the logistics in your warehouse are booming. Employees no longer have to go to a central point to weigh their pallets. From now on, this all happens in the flow of the intralogistics process.

Warehouse interior with forklift and worker.