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The RAVAS WeightsApp stores weighted gross weights, along with the tare weight, product code, date and time, and device or operator ID. If your Android or iOS device has an integrated barcode scanner, you can use it to enter product IDs. You can view that data whenever you want or send it as a CSV file to any email address and import it into a spreadsheet program on a PC. New is the login functionality for registration, tracking and logging.



Intuitive design

RAVAS has launched a new and improved WeightsApp. To take advantage of the intuitive design with logging functionality, immediately download the RAVAS WeightsApp and log in. Available for free for Android and iOS through the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

Read and register immediately

Read the weighing data from your mobile weighing system directly on your smartphone or tablet and save gross weights, tare weight, product code, date and time and the ID of the device or operator. Displayed in legible numbers.

Indicators 3200 and 5200

You can use the app in combination with any product using the the new RAVAS 3200 and 5200 indicators, both of which come with Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) data output as standard.

Smartphone showing forklift app interface.
Smartphone displaying industrial weighing device app.
Smartphone displaying RAVAS scale app menu.
Smartphone displaying digital scale app reading 115g.
RAVAS app download
Variety of industrial weighing pallet trucks and scales.