Fork Lift Truck Weighing Forks

Our Demo set of forks is available for free trial. Subject to your location*, we can come and install, and loan you our set of forks with bluetooth wireless battery operated display, so no cabling required, and you can try them for a week.


LTF Weigh Forks

New weighing forks for forklifts complete with COMPACT indicator to read the weight directly from the cabin.
The 5.0 Bluetooth technology with low consumption and rechargeable lithium-ion battery power ensure a long working life. Particularly robust, made entirely of steel to withstand the time. Available in approved version for legal-for-trade use.


  • Maximum lifting capacity: 2500 kg
  • Resolution:
    - for internal use: 1/2 kg
    - CE approved: 2/5 kg
  • Accuracy:
    - for internal use: +/- 2 kg
    - CE approved: Directive 2014/31/EU.
  • Operating temperature:
    - -10°...+50° for internal use
    - -10°...+40° approved




  • They are the easiest and most versatile solution to turn your forklift into a mobile scale
  • They are robust and made entirely of steel to resist accidental impacts
  • Easy to install and remove as needed for use on multiple forklifts
  • Lithium battery and low-power Bluetooth connection ensure long working autonomy
  • Weight indicator with 25 mm backlit display, compact and easy-to-install inside the cabin
  • Standard accelerometer for automatic start-up of the forks when moving
  • Built with 4 Dini Argeo load cells, in stainless steel, approved, with IP68 protection to guarantee the best weighing performance.
  • Available also in approved version for legal-for-trade use


  • Painted steel structure.
  • Weight of each fork: 68 kg approx.
  • Protection rate: IP66.
  • Operation with 4 Dini Argeo stainless steel load cells, IP68.
  • Max. admissible overload: 300% of the nominal capacity.
  • Max horizontal inclination (tilting): +/- 2° (for legal for trade use only).
  • Fork power supply through a rechargeable lithium battery with Instaplug technology and an autonomy of up to about 90 hours, or continuous use through additional batteries (optional, INSTAPLUGLKC code). Charger with EU, UK, US plug included as standard.
  • Available in CE-M approved version (they need the relative ECEMLTF option).