Available Models


ModelCapacityResolutionPan SizeImage
WLY 1/D2 Precision Balance1kg0.01g195×195mm
WLY 2/D2 Precision Balance2kg0.01g195×195mm
WLY 6/D2 Precision Balance6kg0.1g195×195mm
WLY 6/F1/R Precision Balance6kg0.1g300×300mm
WLY 6/F1/K Precision Balance6kg0.1g300×300mm
WLY 10/D2 Precision Balance10kg0.1g195×195mm
WLY 12/F1/R Precision Balance12kg0.2g300×300mm
WLY 12/F1/K Precision Balance20kg0.2g300×300mm
WLY 20/D2 Precision Balance20kg0.1g195×195mm
WLY 30/F1/K Precision Balance30kg0.5g300×300mm
WLY 30/F1/R Precision Balance30kg0.5g300×300mm
WLY 60/C2/R Precision Balance60kg1g100 x 500mm
WLY 60/C2/K Precision Balance60kg2g100 x 500mm
WLY 120/C2/R Precision Balance120kg2g100 x 500mm
WLY 120/C2/K Precision Balance120kg2g100 x 500mm



Multifunctional WLY balance is intended for fast and precise determination of mass, performed using a modern PUE7 series indicator. Operation of the device is easy, with it weighing can be automated to the maximum. Apart from weighing, the WLY allows users to carry out parts counting, labelling and formula making processes. Its software enables integration with barcode scanners, receipt printers, label printers, RFID scanners and PC peripherals (including mouse, keyboard and external data storage devices) all connectable to built-in interfaces RS232, USB and Ethernet.Design and functionality

WLY balance features a stainless steel weighing platform and an indicator comprising  5,7” TFT colourful touch screen display and a membrane keyboard. The system is ready to connect an additional weighing platform, and provides below functions:

  • programming of on-screen keys and functional keys,
  • programming of infrared proximity sensors,
  • designing printouts,
  • designing text data that is displayed in an indicator display.


Software functionality:
  • available working modes: weighing, parts counting, percent setup, formulation, density determination, animal weighing;
  • generating standard labels for single products;
  • generating C labels for cumulative containers;
  • generating CC labels for containers with cumulative containers;
  • three methods of triggering a C and CC label printout:
    •    manually,
    •    by counter status,
    •    by set mass value of a product;
  • control scale mode (+/- control of weighing result);
  • product identification using EAN-13 and EAN-128 codes;
  • access to databases of operators, products, raw materials, clients, weighing records, universal variables and tares.
WLY balance enables quick search for a product by means of a connected barcode scanner. This option considerably increases functionality of the system.
The indicator can integrate with a PC software, "LABEL EDITOR", which software communicates with the weighing device either through RS 232 interface or through ETHERNET.Weighing instruments purchased after 15th February 2023 will allow under-pan weighing at any time after the purchase. All you need to do is just to order a dedicated hook.WLY series is available in dual range (non-verified) version on surcharge.