RWV-C 2500

RWV-C, the cabled iForks for forklift trucks, require a fixed installation on the forklift truck. Cabling is installed between the forks and the indicator in the cabin. Power supply is taken from the truck battery. Also available in Legal for Trade version.

Main benefits

Mast tilt displayed

The RAVAS iForks-52 offer a number of smart extras compared to the iForks-32. The driver display shows the live discharge status of the fork batteries. It also shows the tilt of the mast in its graphical display, making it easy to put the mast in vertical position for the most accurate weighing. And it shows the weight distribution of the load over the forks, advising the driver on how to avoid dangerous tip and side loads.

Piece counting

The touch screen display is very intuitive and can be personalized. The lift truck driver can enlarge the field that shows the weight on the forks, or rearrange the soft keys in the display to his or her own preference. And the 5200 display offers many extra functions. Piece counting for example, by entering piece weight, from the piece weight memory, piece weight calculation and by reference weighing scale


Indicator Choices

3200 Indicator

Indicator 3200

5200 Indicator

Indicator 5200


Li-ion battery packs

Easy fit for fork positioners


Mast tilt compensation

Power supply to the forms comes from compact, re-chargeable Li-ion battery packs. Each fork has its own battery pack with 75 hours of continuous use.


The changes to batteries and Bluetooth modules, and the elimination of the cover plates, leave no eternal components on the fork shank, making the iForks-52 even easier to fit onto fork positioners.


Bluetooth is a standard feature on the 5200, providing connectivity to tablets and smart phones. The RAVAS WeightsApp can act as a remote display and remote control for the scale, allowing you to download weighing data.


The 5200 indicator has automatic tilt compensation, to automatically correct weight errors that occur when the mast tilts and the forks are not in horizontal position. The instrument automatically logs tip loads and overloads.


Optimize cross docking in LTL and 3PL logistics with RWV-C Forks

One of RAVAS' logistic customers was interested in establishing an investment that weighed their product efficiently and provided real-time data of each inbound to their WMS system. Without any impact on their cross dock operations nor WMS system.

ravas app

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