The T10 Counting Scale – A superb value for money mid range Counting Scale.

Counting scales usually tend to be either at the lower end of the pricing scale, or right at the top. There is very rarely anything in the middle taht is any good. Now there is – The T10 Counting scale is nicely priced in the middle of the pricing band for counting scales, and its functionality and accuracy is that of a very high end unit. It is very user friendly, practical and has the largest PLU Storage of any of our counting scales, even the really high end programmable ones.

This scale is definitely worth looking at!



  • TFT touch screen with 7″ Display (resolution 800×480).
  • Stainless steel plate and ABS housing.
  • Units: kg, g, lb.
  • Internal rechargeable battery 6V/4Ah. It lasts 8 hours at intensive use.
  • Power supply with adaptor AC/DC 100-240Vac 50-60Hz.
  • Temperature: -10ºC +40ºC.
  • Rs232 output, data format for PC and printer.
  • 2 USB port.
  • 256 Mb of memory and 128 Mb RAM.
  • External calibration.
  • It is available in models of high resolution (T10C from 60.000 divisions).
  • T20 model with printer included.
  • Multifunctional screen with target.
  • Emulation of traffic lights at complete screen.
  • Indicator bar with graphic screen. If it has an established target it will indicate the percentage with accumulation of weights to achieve the selected target.
  • Limits with configurable acoustic signal.
  • More than 5000 PLUs in memory with alphabetic searcher.
  • More than 1000 possible users. It includes different levels of roles and users.
  • Export of files to PC in excel format (*.csv) with no necessity of additional software, throught USB key.
  • Labels and tickets with eligible formats (optional printer).
  • Double range.


  • Target function/target weight
  • Accumulation: manual, during the load and the unload process
  • Limits with acoustic signal and configurable viewing
  • Gross/Net
  • Zero