Mobile Weighing Scales

We offer a superb range of crane scales with a variety of capacities, resolutions and functions.

The components used in the manufacture of the MCW Range of crane scales are inspected by an experienced and competent team. Our load cells are put through stringent safety tests. The MCW Crane scales have a breaking load which is 5 times more than their nominal capacity (K5).

We offer a good range of connectivity for remote control and monitoring of your crane scale(s), for more information on this, or any other aspect of any of the scales on this page, please call us on 01684 561002 and we would be happy to help you.

Pallet Truck Scales.

One of safest and most efficient ways to weigh pallets. Eliminate double handing by taking your pallet to a scale to weigh it and simply weigh it using the Pallet Truck. By integrating weighing within your pallet truck, you will not improve productivity, but will also make a positive step towards a potential reduction in health & safety risks associated with pallet movements.

Available in a range of options - from basic weighing, to wi-fi linking back to central databases for stock control, we will have a solution to fit your requirement. If your production or warehouse area is a de-pedestrianised zone, due to fork truck movement, please have a look at our NEXUS Fork Lift Truck Scale.