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Service Department

Service Department

Our Service Levels & What’s Included ….

About our service...

We aim to provide a local, friendly and reliable calibration and repair service to all our customers.

We  continuously  talk  to  our  customers  and  have  addressed  the  major  issues  which customers experienced from other service providers and have focused on ensuring that those issues are not re-lived with us ;

1.  Call  Centres  –  Experience  tells  us  that  customers  do  not  appreciate  call  centres  and automated call logging etc.. They would much rather speak to a regular person and develop a relationship with their supplier. When you call us, you get through to a human being who can help you.

2.  The inability to contact an engineer direct – If you want to contact the engineer, their numbers are made available to you, so you can either call them directly or via the office. Whilst it is important that we have your call logged, we understand that clients have their preferences with how they place their call.

3.  Engineers not turning up when they were promised –Serving the customer to the best of our ability is always our objective. Our quality is under constant review and we aim to ‘delight the customer, and deliver our promise’. We have a process when logging calls that the engineer deals with you directly to book a time in, so we never over promise, we just deliver.

4.  Our engineers get to know you and your site. We base our business on building relationships with our customers. We will always do everything we can do not send you an engineer that doesn’t know your site. We would never have just one engineer looking after a contract – we will always ensure that more than one engineer knows your site and your requirements.

All our Weight Sets are calibrated to UKAS standard and traceable to National Standard.

All our calibrations are done to the UK Weighing Federation code of practice and follow our ISO9001/2008 quality procedures. All certificates carry the ISO9001/2008 mark.

Our engineers are fully trained and highly experienced in the weighing industry. You will receive the highest standard of service.

Our Services In detail ….

Service Description




Technical advice and on site evaluations of applications.

We will advise over the phone or come to site and assist with any applications you may have




Hire of equipment




Many customer hire equipment regularly for stock takes etc.. As a contract

customer, you will benefit from this.




Scheduled Service Visits.

We will come and visit you a set number of times each year to calibrate /

service your machines. This is chargeable in advance and comprises ‘The Contract’.  Most customers have 1 x Calibration & 1 x Service visit each year.




Emergency Call Out Charges

These are call outs in addition to the scheduled visits where a scale or load cell needs attending to. This call out charge covers the first ¼ hour on site. The standard call out charge is currently £80.00


Included in the contract *

Included in the contract*

Hourly labour Rate



Included in

This is the Hourly labour rate charged once our engineer has arrived on site.

The Hourly rate is charged for every hour or part therof that our engineer is on site.

Rates are;

Per Hour         : £47.50 + Vat





All Spare Parts

Any spare parts that are required to facilitate a repair will be charged at this rate. We carry as much on the vans as we can, but cannot carry everything, so repairs will often require a quotation and a second visit. We often take scales back to base to repair if feasible as this helps keep costs down and speeds up repair times.




Postal Repair Service

If you send us a scale via courier, we will assess it, issue a quotation for the repair, repair on receipt of approval and send back to the client. The

Hourly rate for repairs applies and no Call out charge is incurred. A Large number of customers have moved over to this method of having their scales repaired as it helps keep costs down and speeds up repair times.




Response Times

This is how quickly we attend site following a call being logged.

The stated times are worst case scenario – In the majority of cases we will be able to respond to you within 8 working hours.

All response times are location dependant.

Next Day to

2 Days.

Same Day to Next Day

Same day if call logged before


Contract Exclusions


The following are not covered under a standard service agreement and will be subject to additional charges.


  •  Re stamping / verification fees
  •  Carriage of test weights in excess of 400kg
  •  Provision of weighbridge test unit unless stated
    • Repair charges (Gold only)  for work carried out on damages outside fair wear and tear. The definition of fair wear and tear (normal usage), is covered under the contract. Equipment that have failed due to malicious damage, lightening, flood, other act of god, fluctuating power supply, ingress of foreign materials


Call outs can be capped on our Gold Contract. This is done at the quotation stage dependant on location. Once the cap (if one is imposed) has been reached a call out and hourly rate will be chargeable.


If a single scale is called out to on more than 4 occasions, it is likely that we will recommend a replacement. If an error continues to recur on any one piece of equipment, there is only so many times it can be repaired and ultimately, your contract pricing will be affected as a result so it will become more cost effective and efficient for you as the customer in terms of down time to replace the scale. 

Warranty Repairs

All scales weighing less than 30 kgs as an item weight (not their weighing capability) are sold on a return to base warranty basis. It is the customer’s responsibility to ship the goods back to us and to complete our warranty return form:

Return Form

All other scales and machinery are dealt with on an individual basis – please call us if you feel you have a warranty issue.

Response times for Warranty repairs: If the scale is under contract, the contract response times will apply. If out of contract we respond to warranty claims as soon as we can.

Any internal rechargeable batteries in scales carry a 4 month warranty from the date of despatch.

Calibration Standards

We carry out all our calibrations to  ISO9001/2008  quality procedures and the UK Weighing Federation code of Practice.

Following client requests, from January 2016 we will have our ISO17025 Calibration Accreditation to UKAS.