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Calibration & Service Contracts

Our Service Levels & What’s Included …. 

Scheduled Service Visits.

We will come and visit you a set number of times each year to calibrate /service your machines. This is chargeable in advance and comprises ‘The Contract’.  Most customers have 1 x Calibration & 1 x Service visit each year.

Whatever your service level – we can bespoke your contract to the number of visits you require.

Emergency Call Out & Hourly Charges

These are call outs in addition to the scheduled visits where a scale or load cell needs attending to. This call out charge covers 'prioritised' allocation of your primary engineer and their travel to site. The standard call out charge is currently £80.00

The Hourly labour rate is the amount charged once our engineer has arrived on site.

The Hourly rate is charged for every hour or part therof that our engineer is on site.

Response Times

This is how quickly we attend site following a call being logged.

In the majority of cases we will be able to attend site within 8 working hours. We do have contracts whereby we are 'contracted' to attend within a certain time frame and this has been very sucessful, but to be honest - we very rarely fail to attend to a customers requirements, beit sameday or next day. Many faults we can diagnose over the phone prior to attending site, helping to keep hours down.

Let us know what you need. If additional resources need to be put in place to meet your specific requirements - this can be done. We are small enough to be flexible - but large enough to look after in excess 250 businesses in the Midlands. Careful and strategic planning means we are efficient and effective.

Contract Exclusions

The following are not covered under a standard service agreement and will be subject to additional charges.

  •  Re stamping / verification fees
  •  Carriage of test weights in excess of 400kg (Unless incl in contract rate)
  •  Provision of weighbridge test unit unless stated
  •  Repair charges (Gold only)  for work carried out on damages outside fair wear and tear. The definition of fair wear and tear (normal usage), is covered under the contract. Equipment that have failed due to malicious damage, lightening, flood, other act of god, fluctuating power supply, ingress of foreign materials is chargeable.

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