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Bagging Machines

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  1. Aggregate Packer by Positive Weighing Solutions - 01684 561002

    Aggregate Packer

    The Aggregate Packer Starter Package The Aggregate Bagging starter package is designed to get you up and running straight away. With a short lead time from order, this Aggregate Packing package has everything you need to start your bagging operation. 3-4 bags per minute (dependent on product)... Learn More
  2. Powder packer by Positive Weighing - 01684 561002

    Powder Packer

    A small auger feed powder packer - suitable for packing into open top bags, valve sacks or tubs. Ideally suited for the smaller packer - manual operation - not high speed, but gives accurate, predictable filling. 1kg - 15kg for the standard machines - other target weights can be built to suit,... Learn More
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  3. Autopacker by Positive Weighing - 01684 561002

    Aggregate Auto Packer

    A more sophisticated version of the Aggregate packer with some features which enable it to pack product much faster. It is also trade approved (optional) using a digital stamped scale. Basic machine is supplied with digital stamped scale, bagging head with mechanical sack clamps, 5t sand hopper and... Learn More
  4. Bulk Baggers by PWS- 01684 561002

    The PWS Bulk Bagger

    The PWS Bulk Packer The Bulk Bag Packer is designed and built in the UK for sand, aggregate, rock salt and many other products. Features Sub 40 second bag fill on aggregates Superb Build Quality 5mm or 6mm Steel Plate used in hopper construction 4", 5" or 6" support legs Cone angles built to suit... Learn More
  5. The PWS Hybrid Bagging Machine - 01684 561002

    Hybrid 25kg / 1000kg Bagging Machine

    The Hybrid bagging machine is perfect for customers wishing to bag 1t bulk bags and 15-50kg bags from one machine. The main 1 t bagging head is fed by a 14 or 18" reciprocating power feeder, which will fill (subject to product tests) a bulk bag in approx between 45 seconds - 1 minute 30 seconds -... Learn More
  6. BP Bagging Trolley

    BP Bagging Trolley

    2 meter mechanical bag trolley. Learn More
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