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The Hire Process

The Hire Process


We try to make our process as easy and simple as possible for you. This is a philosophy that we carry across to all elements of our service.

We have developed a simple guide to help you get to grips with how it works.


Identify the scale you need - What is it you need, you can browse our basic stock listed or look at other areas of our website to find what you need. If you're not sure, don’t worry, if you can describe to us what you are using the equipment for we can guide you through the best options. The more information we can have the better.


Tell us how long you need the scale for - We are very flexible with the time frames. Be realistic, give yourself plenty of time to cover the work that you need. try to be as accurate with your time scales as possible; if you run over and need to keep the scale extra charges will apply.


Tell us where you are - we need to know where you are in the country and if there are any specific requirements. Most importantly we need to know where to send your scale to. We also must be aware of challenges our team may come across along the way.


We will give you a quote - Once we have the information we need, we will get a quote across to you. All charges should be payed in full before the delivery of goods, unless we have stated otherwise.


Invoicing - If you accept the quote, out terms and conditions and pay the balance we will issue you with a pro forma invoice. This is a form of agreement whereby we agree contractually to provide you with the service or products outlined.


Delivery and Support - We will then deliver your scale equipment to the location you have specified. Depending on where you are and what you have hired this will be delivered by our courier. Alternatively, and if you have arranged for some on-site training we may send the scale with one of our engineers.


After Use - Once you have finished with the scales we will organise suitable collection. This is usually organised by us to ensure the scale is transported safely and securely.


Things to be aware of - 

Running over your hire period -

If you need to keep the scale for longer than you had originally planned, don't worry! We understand - it can be difficult to know how long a project may take. All you need to do is get in contact with us as soon as you know. We will then invoice you on a weekly basis for each week you exceed your original time frame.

Damage - 

Sometimes accidents happen. You’re working in an arduous challenging environment and something gets dropped or knocked. This can happen to scales. If some of our equipment is damaged or broken while you have it, please let us know. Be honest with us and explain to us what has happened. We aim to be a fair company and all our team are very understanding.

Fault -

If the equipment we have provided you fails as a result of a faulty part, you need to let us know immediately. Please do not try to fix the equipment yourself or carry on trying to use the equipment - this can make it worse. If you get in contact, we will arrange for the equipment to be collected and for a replacement to be provided as quickly as possible. As part of our process, we will then investigate the problem and diagnose what the issue is.

Condition - 

Once you have used our equipment and upon its return to us, it is your responsibility to make sure anything is returned in the same state it was delivered. This means that you must clean the scale - based on guidelines we provide. If you are using the equipment in an environment where it is likely to get dirty we prefer it if you let us know beforehand. A little dust or dry soil isn't a problem. We hire equipment to industries like abattoirs and chemicals manufactures - we don't like to find our scale covered in blood or hazardous chemicals on its return.

For more details about our process and the terms and conditions don not hesitate to contact us - 01684 561 002

Full information and terms and conditions will be provided in detail as part of your quote - by accepting a quote you accept our terms and conditions.