3Y Series Moisture Analysers offer the best possible functionality and professionalism for a drying process and moisture content analysis!


• 5.7” touch screen display
• Interactive menu
• Wi-Fi
• Control and adjustment system for a drying chamber (GMP)
• Compliance with regulations (GLP System)
• Databases (products, weighings, customers, drying programs, drying processes reports, control and statistics for drying processes reports)
• Dynamic control of sample weight (bar graph)
• Drying parameters optimisation (Test)
• Drying process visualisation (%M, %R, %D, graph)
• Statistics (trend of sample humidity over time)
• Printouts, reports (standard PCL)
• Multilingual menu
• Interfaces: Ethernet (network applications), USB, RS 232
• Wide spectrum of applications (industry, laboratories, universities, research and development institutes)


3Y Tech specs