Positive Weighing Solutions are very proud to be the UK distributor for the NEXUS fork truck scale. This demo unit has been on a pallet sortation site using approx 75 fork trucks overnight, all with weighing equipment on. We have an engineer on site full time, repairing any breakdowns from the previous night.

The New NEXUS has had far fewer breakdowns, working in conjunction with the newly co-developed software/electronics installation.

As a result, the company have decided to upgrade all 70 trucks to the latest electronics.

Any new trucks that are added to the fleet, which will fall in line with their new 'super Hub' going live imminently, will have the new Nexus' scale carriage. Positive Weighing have successfully implemented the new electronics onto both the analogue and digital versions of the previous suppliers scale - putting to bed any belief that it could not be done.