Positive Weighing, following the build and trial of new equipment - including the new 'Nexus' fork lift scale - have been tasked with re-fitting 70 Toyota fork lift trucks for a well known pallet sortation facility in the Midlands.

The refit will take up to 6 weeks to complete and involved replacing all the scale electronics on the trucks, but continuing to work with the existing scale loadcells working with both the analogue and digital versions of the scale.

The project has involved designing a new system that can work alongside the companies existing in-house tracking software. Essentially the truck has another PC on it which runs the same sortware, but whilst telling the driver exactly where to put the pallet based on the information contained in the barcode (that we are scanning with the PWS supplied and fitted Camera), it also displays the weight of the pallet. 

The project has involved sourcing a new weighing carriage for any new trucks added to the existing fleet. The 'Nexus' fork truck scale carriage has been on trial at this facility since March 2017 and is performing exceptionally well, weighing faster than the existing units from a well known UK manufacturer, with less breakdowns and potential parts costing a fraction of the costs of the previous supplier.