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Who We Are

Meet the team

  • Tony

  • Sales Director
  • Favourite Drink: Hoppy IPA's
    Favourite Food: Anything proper spicy
    Desired career as child: Draughtsman
    Favourite Movie: Pulp Fiction

  • Lucy

  • Managing Director
  • Favourite Drink:
    Hendricks with cucumber & Pepper
    Winter: Red wine (But only a decent French number)
    Favourite Food:
    Winter: Very rare steak
    Desired career as child: Olympic Athlete
    Favourite Movie: Wolf of Wall Street

  • Rob

  • Technical Manager
  • Favourite Drink: Real ales
    Favourite food: Indian (curries)
    Desired career as child: Athlete (track and field)
    Favourite Movie: The last Boy Scout

  • Lucja

  • Office Manager
  • Favourite Drink: Apple Martini
    Favourite Food: Seafood
    Desired career as child: Soldier
    Favourite Movie: Pretty Woman

  • Adam

  • Engineer
  • Favourite Drink: Kraken Rum
    Favourite Food: Pizza
    Desired career as child: Paleontologist
    Favourite Movie: Shawshank Redemption

  • Scott

  • Engineer
  • Favourite Drink: Lager
    Favourite Food: Anything (walking dust bin)
    Desired career as child: Footballer
    Favourite Movie: Rocky IV

  • Alex

  • Engineer

  • Fabian

  • Service Coordinator
  • Favourite Drink: Whiskey - Single Malt (Speyside)
    Favourite Food: Sunday Roast (extra roast potatoes)
    Desired career as child: Detective
    Favourite Movie: The Exorcist

  • Robin

  • Engineer

  • Dennis

  • Team Mascot
  • Favourite Drink: Bloody Mary
    Favourite Food: Deer
    Desired career as child: Game keeper
    Favourite Movie: The Deer Hunter