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These mobile, easy to use plaforms are designed for clients who do not wish to dedicate space or budget to a standard weighbridge yet have the requirement to weigh their vehicles on an an-hoc or more frequent basis.

With a vast range of sizes, capacities and conectivity options, there are pads to suit all requirements.



The solution to weigh your vehicle is in your hands!


The WWS platforms are a technological and innovative product designed and manufactured entirely in Italy for the weighing vehicles and large objects. The WWS platforms can be used in all the applications in which it is necessary to quickly and easily weigh vehicles or structures with multiple mounting points, such as automobiles, tractors, carts, airplanes, trucks, tankers, containers, bins, bottles, buckets, etc. They are particularly suitable for creatingmobile weighing stations: thanks to their reduced weight and the ease in moving and placing them, in a few minutes it’s possible to create a weighing station on any type of firm flat surface.



Gamma prodotti wws    



  • Checking the weight of the materials transported by vehicles creating easy Delivery/Dispatch product records.
  • Verify the weight of each single wheel, of each single axle, and then the total weight sums.
  • Calculate the centre of gravity coordinates of the weighted structure.
  • Weigh for limited periods of time (harvests, crops, etc.), without the need for permanent foundations.
  • Check for possible vehicle overloading, avoiding any unpleasant sanctions.
  • The wireless platform, with its integrated indicator, can be used individually making it very useful for use in many Industry sectors.

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