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KSD Series Stainless Steel Digital Bench Scales Positive Weighing Solutions 01684561002

KSD Series Stainless Steel Digital Bench Scales

These bench digital scales are characterized by a solid and versatile stainless steel body with a large plate.
The new multifunctional programme allows the operator to choose the desired mode to carry out checks, piece-counting, percentage weighing and totalisation.
The long lasting battery power supply and the lateral handles allow an easy transport of the scale directly where it is necessary.



STAINLESS steel digital scales body, resistant and easy to clean.
Stainless steel load plate, inspectionable and easily cleanable. Dimensions 250x340mm.
Alluminium load cells.
40mm LCD display, with different backlight colors.
Waterproof keyboard and multifunctional programme.
IP44 protection.
Non-slip adjustable feet.
Ergonomic lateral handle.
Level positioned under the plate.
Serial port RS232 for connection to Pc or printer.
Digital scale power supply: internal rechargeable battery (operating time 40h aproximately) or external power supply/battery charger.

£650.00 +VAT
Average Weight Scales by Positive Weighing - 01684 561002

3590 Average Weight Check Scales

Solution for statistical legal for trade checking (according to EEC 76/211 norm) or for custom-made statistical checking, suitable for a quick and reliable check of prepacked goods during production and for the production checking in case of packages with a mechanically predetermined weight. It is possible to create your own custom-made solution, by choosing the weight indicator and the most suitable platform among those listed in the tables below. The system can also be enriched and enhanced through the many available options.


If you would like further information on this system, please call our sales team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Starting From: £1,240.00 +VAT
FEC Stainless Series Portion Scale

FEC Stainless Series Portion Scale

  • Capacity
  • 5kg x 1g
  • 3kg x 0.1g
  • Plate Size 169 x 178
£200.00 +VAT
Wall E Series Bench and Floor Scale by PWS ltd - 01684 561002

Wall-E Series Bench and Floor Scales


Bench and floor scales, with column, characterized by multifunction weight indicator, hard and sturdy structure and stainless steel loading surface. Easy to use and versatile, guaranteeing precision and reliability. Particularly suitable for industrial and commercial use. Available also in CE-M approved version according to OIML R-76 / EN 45501 standards.
Starting From: £450.00 +VAT
WLB Series Bench Scale by Positive Weighing 01684561002

WLB Series Compact Bench Scale

Bench scales with compact dimensions, extremely sturdy, constructed with high quality materials. Suitable for industrial laboratories and burdensome working environment. Fitted with standard weight and rapid calibration adjustment function. Multifuncional weighing programme. CE-M approvable according to EN45501.


Special body in anodised alloy, resistant and easy to clean.
Loading surface in anodised alloy, washable and inspectionable.
Safety limit switch and protection plate against side strikes.
Aluminium load cell, IP68.
Extractable calibration weight, useful for calibration control.
Integrated weight indicator, with backlit LCD display of 25mm, waterproof keypad and multifunctional programme.
Non-slip adjustable feet.
Integrated level.
IP68 protection degree.
Serial port RS232 for connection to Pc or printer.
Power supply through built-in rechargeable battery or external power supply/battery charger with IP68 connector.
Dimensions and weight:
- Scale: (lxwxh) 360x210x75mm - 5,3kg.
- Packaging: (lxwxh) 500x300x150mm - 6,6kg.
Patented product.

£690.00 +VAT
AF04 - Statistical Checkweighing Software

AF04 - Statistical Checkweighing Software

Suitable for advanced statistical checking applications of prepacked goods with data and print management (as provided for by the directive N. 76/211/EEC). Up to 5 independents connectable scales. CE-M approvable (OIML R-76 / EN 45501).



  • Zero setting; Gross/Net visualization.
  • Statistical check functions, for internal use or according to legal norms:
    - Statistical check functions selectable as CUSTOMIZED or ACCORDING TO LEGAL NORMS (as provided for by the directive N. 76/211/EEC) with acceptance/refusal criteria of the lot under examination.
    - DESTRUCTIVE or NON DESTRUCTIVE legal control (selectable).
    - Calculation and printing of the lot outcome and of the standard deviation. 
    - Quantity check in ml by entering a density coefficient for each article.
    - Management of production lines: one can manage up to 10 products simultaneously on one or more scales (up to 1 scale for each line).
  • Up to 5 independent connectable approved scales, that allow to check with the same weighing system all the weight groups.
  • Selfweighed, presettable tare (direct or calculated), manual or automatic tare; unlocked automatic tare function at the end of weigh operation.
  • Totalization functions:
    - Totalization in loading.
    - Manual or automatic totalization, upon weight stability or only if within tolerante.
    - Totalization and automatic tare execution.
  • 4 levels of totals zeroable and printable in an independent way: partial total, general total, grand total, total by article.
  • Selection of visualized data on the graphic LCD display (totals, progressives, weight…).
  • Completely configurable keyboard functionsaccording to the customers’ needs.
  • Multifunction weight repeater:
    reception and visualization of the weight from a scale or an external device through serial port, with the possibility to use the received data for all the available functions.
  • 15 configurable and printable text ID`s containing 16 characters, for example: Code, lot ID, operator ID, shift number, etc.
  • Database of 1000 articles with 3 alphanumeric description of 20 characters, density coefficient, nominal weight, three +/- tolerance levels (T1, T2, T3), linked tare.
  • "Calculator" function: it is possible add, subtract or multiply two values, print the result and apply it to the tare.
  • Programmable printout from keyboard or from PC (through the free Dinitools.net software) of 30 print formats (Print key, Totalization, Lot Report, Article Total, Partial total, General total, Grand total, First weigh heading); each print format may contain up to 2048 positions which may be ASCII codes or preconfigured print blocks (i.e. Company name, lot and weigh progressive numbers, gross weight, tare, net, article description, average weight, standard deviation, nr. of off tolerance samples, test outcome, date and time of beginning/end check, etc.).
£0.00 +VAT
PH Checkweigher by Positive Weighing - 01684 561002

PH Checkweigher

IP68 Stainless Steel Checkweigher with Graphical display

Available Platform Sizes:-

PHS-33 = 300 x 300mm
PHS-44 = 400 x 400mm
PHS-54 = 500 x 400mm
PHS-66 = 600 x 600mm
PHS-75 = 700 x 500mm

Starting From: £390.00 +VAT
HY Weigh Price Label package  from Positive Weighing Solutions

HY Weigh Price and Label Package

The HY Weigh, Price and Label package is a very user friendly package designed for prepackers of foodstuffs selling to the Trade, or retailers pre labelling goods. Price includes 1 x Label Design and up to 25 products up loaded onto the indicator. Supplied with All Stainless Steel Single Cell Platform in the following capacity / size options:- 6kg......................300 x 300mm 15kg....................300 x 300mm 30kg...................400 x 400mm 60kg...................400 x 400mm
Starting From: £2,150.00 +VAT
1534 Hosedown Platform by Positive Weighing - 01684 561002

Hosedown Platform

4 Loadcell Stainless Steel base platform Made in the UK , this platform is ideally suited for use in the food , chemical & pharmaceutical industries, being stainless steel and hosedown and with removeable lightweight polypropelene top plate , making it easy to access all parts of the platform for easy cleaning .
Starting From: £1,700.00 +VAT

Items 1 to 9 of 15 total

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