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DFW Counting System by Positive Weighing - 01684 561002

DFW Counting Scale System

Solution for mono or multi scale, pieces or quantity (litres, metres, Newton etc) counting systems, suitable for the inventory checking and the quick and precise counting of high quantities of pieces. It is possible to create your own custom-made solution, by choosing the weight indicator and the most suitable platform among those listed in the tables below. The system can also be enriched and enhanced through the many available options.
Starting From: £550.00 +VAT
KSD Series Stainless Steel Digital Bench Scales Positive Weighing Solutions 01684561002

KSD Series Stainless Steel Digital Bench Scales

These bench digital scales are characterized by a solid and versatile stainless steel body with a large plate.
The new multifunctional programme allows the operator to choose the desired mode to carry out checks, piece-counting, percentage weighing and totalisation.
The long lasting battery power supply and the lateral handles allow an easy transport of the scale directly where it is necessary.



STAINLESS steel digital scales body, resistant and easy to clean.
Stainless steel load plate, inspectionable and easily cleanable. Dimensions 250x340mm.
Alluminium load cells.
40mm LCD display, with different backlight colors.
Waterproof keyboard and multifunctional programme.
IP44 protection.
Non-slip adjustable feet.
Ergonomic lateral handle.
Level positioned under the plate.
Serial port RS232 for connection to Pc or printer.
Digital scale power supply: internal rechargeable battery (operating time 40h aproximately) or external power supply/battery charger.

£650.00 +VAT
QHD Counting Scale by Positive Weighing - 01684 561002

QHD Dual Platform Counting Scale

The QHD Counting Scale with additional scale port.

For sampling or using up to it's own capacity and with the possibility of linking to a remote platform for dual scale counting(single and four cell platforms can be linked to the QHD see platform sections of this web site)

LCD triple backlit display, 20mm digits, showing weight, unit weight & quantity, mains lead and internal rechargeable battery

Starting From: £225.00 +VAT
QHC Counting Scale by PWS - 01684 561002

QHC Series Counting Scale

The QHC Counting Scale A very popular , easy to use counting scale. Always in stock!
Starting From: £199.00 +VAT
TCH Counting Scale by PWS Ltd

TCH Series Counting Scale

Counting Scale

Backlit LCD showing weight, unit weight and quantity, 10 unit weight memories, Totalising of weight and quantity, Auto re-computing, Mains lead and rechargeable battery, counting resolution 1:600,00

Starting From: £270.00 +VAT
TCP Counting Scale with Tally Roll - By PWS - 01684 561002

TCP Counting Scale with Integral Tally Roll Printer

TCP Counting Scale

The TCP Counting Indicator with inbuilt Thermal Printer & Mild Steel single cell platform. Cable or column mounted (Column comes as standard)

Available Platform Sizes:-

TCP-33 = 300 x 300mm
TCP-44 = 400 x 400mm
TCP-54 = 500 x 400mm
TCP-66 = 600 x 600mm
TCP-75 = 700 x 500mm

Starting From: £465.00 +VAT
Stainless Steel Support Stand

Stainless Steel Support Stand

Stainless Steel Support Stand Stainless steel support column for the indicators of the DINI ARGEO and SCALE HOUSE range.

Dimensions 450 x 450 mm, 917 mm high, tubular Ø = 38 mm.

£125.00 +VAT
RPLC Precision Scale by PWS - 01684 561002

RRPLC Series Precision Scale

Small capacity electronic round platforms made in anodized blue aluminium.

Precise and sturdy structure, suitable for scales and automatic weight checking systems in all industrial and commercial applications Available in 1kg, 3kg, 6kg and 15kg capacities. We will call you to confirm your choice.

Click HERE to see the full details on this scale

Starting From: £220.00 +VAT

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