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Our Bagging Division specialise in providing standard and custom built solutions to suit each application or enquiry. From standalone bagging machines, to complete turnkey solutions, we at Positive Weighing we always aim to provide the highest standard of service to our customers. Whether you are buying our entry level machine or a complete plant we encourage you to call us and our experienced technical team will be able to assist you.


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Aggregate Packer by Positive Weighing Solutions - 01684 561002

Aggregate Packer - Price on Application

The Aggregate Packer Starter Package

The Aggregate Bagging starter package is designed to get you up and running straight away. With a short lead time from order, this Aggregate Packing package has everything you need to start your bagging operation.

3-4 bags per minute (dependant on product) Auto cut off Quick release sack grips Product fed by Vibratory feeder tray. Delivered ready to use Lead times vary on these machines - dependant on order book, normally between 4 and 5 weeks.
£0.00 +VAT
Bulk Baggers by PWS- 01684 561002

The PWS Bulk Bagger - Price on Application

The PWS Bulk Packer The Bulk Bag Packer is designed and built in the UK for sand, aggregate, rock salt and many other products. Features Sub 40 second bag fill on aggregates Suberb Build Quality 5mm or 6mm Steel Plate used in hopper construction 4", 5" or 6" support legs Cone angles built to suit specific products 1500kg capacity weigh base with stainless load cells fitted with CSW20 Weight Indicator (2 speed fill available) Gutter style holders for fork truck retrieval or looped for pallet retrieval Trade approval Optional Lead times vary on these machines - normally between 6 and 9 weeks.!!< Call us on 0845 504 5335 for further details
£0.00 +VAT
The PWS Hybrid Bagging Machine - 01684 561002

Hybrid 25kg / 1000kg Bagging Machine - Price on Application

The Hybrid bagging machine is perfect for customers wishing to bag 1t bulk bags and 15-50kg bags from one machine. The main 1 t bagging head is fed by a 14 or 18" reciprocating power feeder, which will fill (subject to product tests) a bulk bag in approx between 45 seconds - 1 minute 30 seconds - this is very much dependant upon the product and its volumetic density. Sand / Gravel will fill much faster than plastic pellets for instance.

The smaller bagging head which can fill from 15kgs up to 75kg bags, swings up and can be locked into place. This is secured to the rear when not in use and has a removable cowl.

The system can be fully trade approved for Trade Legal Use. (This is optional)

The hopper size can vary from 2-3t capacity (based on sand) up to 15t capacity - it very much depends on client requirements and your loader reach capabilities / bucket width.

For more options on feeding the hopper - see our conveyor section.

£0.00 +VAT
Autopacker by Positive Weighing - 01684 561002

Aggregate Auto Packer - Price On Application

A more sophisticated version of the Aggregate packer with some features which enable it to pack product much faster. It is also trade approved (optional) using a digital stamped scale. Basic machine is supplied with digital stamped scale, bagging head with mechanical sack clamps, 5t sand hopper and 18" feeder tray. Options can be added to optimise the machine - please see the accessories section. See full description below for more details - please do call us with any questions you may have.


The video clip below shows 40kg bags of sand being filled using an Autopacker with Pneumatic sack clamps with auto release and an Auto-end door enabling very fast fill speeds.


£0.00 +VAT
Powder packer by Positive Weighing - 01684 561002

Powder Packer

A small auger feed powder packer - suitable for packing into open top bags, valve sacks or tubs.

Ideally suited for the smaller packer - manual operation - not high speed, but gives accurate, predictable filling.

1kg - 15kg for the standard machines - other target weights can be built to suit, although if packing 20kg + in large quantities - other machines would be more suitable.

Operated by a foot switch operated timer and initial product set up with scale

Supplied with a 30kg scale which can be trade stamped if selling by weight. 

£3,550.00 +VAT
Coal Packer by PWS - 01684 561002

The PWS Coal Packer

Coal Bagging Machines Info We supply a wide and varied range of Coal Bagging Machines suitable for both Open Sack and Coal Prepacking plastic bags. Our designs are backed by more than 35 years of development and expertise and hopper capacities can range from 1 to 15 Tonnes and can be arranged for ground level operation or supplied with a lorry level Operators Platform. to suit your specification Features of the Coal Bagging Machine Steep angle cones to ensure free flow of material Gravity Chute or Electric Power feeders 5mm or 6mm Thick Steel plate 100mm, 120mm or 150mm Angle iron legs to suit overall capacity Rack & Pinion sliding door to control material feed rate Through wall Feeder operation Screening Plates and plain plates to suit different fuels.
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